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IPv6 Implementation
We would like to announce that our website is now IPv6 Enabled. User with IPv6 Enabled should able to access our website. Although the implementation is still in beta. We're constantly fine tune to ensure smooth transition on future.

ipv6 ready

If you wish to learn more about IPv6, Click Here to learn more.

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All system is in operatonal. No incident was reported.

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The Pro Center, an organization that created to develop Information Technology using industry-wide standards.

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The Pro Center Group, established since year 2012 to focus on trend in IT development in industry. Using the standards gathered, we create most quality Information Technology to end user to meet the requirement. Our organisation is situated in Malaysia for all Malaysian a chance to future the IT Development in Malaysia. Information Technology in Malaysia is emerging which is we create more potential to grow the understanding of Information Technology in Malaysia.

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